Angel Food Easter Bunny Cake: Step by Step

Angel Food Easter Bunny Cake: Step by Step

This is the Easter cake my mom used to make for us when we were kids. I remember being fascinated by how a few simple cuts in two circular cakes could make a bunny with a bow tie. I also remember licking the beaters after whipping the cream! I love those memories.  And even more, I love that I am now making these memories with my kids. Hope you get a chance to try it with your family, too. Happy baking :)


Angel Food Easter Bunny Cake

Here’s what you need: (1) one box of Angel Food cake mix; (2) whipped cream (or Cool Whip, if you must); (3) shredded sweetened coconut; (4) pink sugar sprinkles; (5) green sugar sprinkles; (6) mini cadbury eggs (for eyes and nose); (7) melted chocolate or skinny licorice ropes (for whiskers); (8) a large piece of cardboard; and (9) aluminum foil.

Here’s what you do:  Make the angel food cake according to the instructions on the box.  I use the store-brand box from HEB.

Bake the cake in three 9-inch round cake pans.  (You will only need two for this recipe . . . you can savenibble on the other one as you work.)
Let the cakes cool.
Cover the cardboard with aluminum foil.  Run a knife around the edge of one of the cakes, gently pulling the cake away from the pan on the bottom as you work.  Invert the cake pan on the foil-lined cardboard so that the cake ends up in the lower third of the board.  (This will be the bunny’s face. You need room for ears above and a bow tie below.)
Loosen a second cake in the same way.  Then place it upside down on the center of a cutting board.
Using a serrated knife, make two cuts in the cake, as shown below.  (This will create the ears and bow tie.  The ears don’t have to be exactly even, so no need to measure.)
Place the two ears on the foil-lined cardboard above the bunny’s face.  Place the bow tie piece below the face.  (One of my cake pans is darker, which is why the cake for my ears and bow tie are much more browned that the cake for the face.  Otherwise, the cakes are the same.)
Cover the entire cake in whipped cream.  Smooth it with a spatula.
Cover the entire cake with sweetened coconut.
Sprinkle the pink sugar sprinkles inside of the ears.
Place the candy eggs for eyes and a nose.
Sprinkle the green sugar sprinkles all over the bow tie.
For the whiskers, you can use melted chocolate (like I did) or skinny licorice ropes. The melted chocolate came out a little messy, so I will probably use licorice next time.  Or do you have another idea for whiskers?  Get creative!  And most importantly: Just Have Fun With It!

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  1. Linda July 27, 2015 at 9:13 am #

    I remember my mom making this cake for Easter too! She used skinny licorice for the whiskers, jelly beans for the ears and neck tie.

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