My Favorite Fall Side Dish: Maple-Bacon Butternut Squash

With the leaves not changing color and the weather not getting cooler, I will not be holding a steaming mug of coffee with both hands on the porch anytime soon.

Because, y’all, it’s September in Texas.

And so, for another month or two, I’ll be pretending it’s fall.

Which means that even though it’s hot as blazes outside, I’ll be dreaming of my mom’s classic Beef Stew, John’s favorite Double-Shot-of-Bourbon Pecan Pie, and some of my favorite fall sides, like Steakhouse-Style Creamed Spinach, Marinated Broccoli Salad, and Maple-Bacon Butternut Squash.

Wait, maple what? Maple bacon. As in maple syrup and bacon. And butter.

So it’s like a big plate of pancakes with a side of bacon, except it’s a vegetable that you can feel pretty good about eating. Which is kind of my goal in life. Good food you can feel good about eating. If you’re into that, will you let me know? Join me on my new Facebook page, connect on Pinterest or Twitter, or subscribe to my blog. Thanks y’all . . . I can’t wait to connect! And I can’t wait for fall!

For the Maple-Bacon Butternut Squash recipe, just pop on over here!

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