Secret to Happiness: One Line A Day

The last thing any parent needs is one more thing to do. (Or in my case, one more thing to not do, and then feel guilty about for a few hours.) But I am going to share this anyway because it makes me feel happy at the end of each day.

It’s called “One Line A Day” and was a gift from my mother-in-law this past Christmas.

One Line A Day

Here are instructions for how to use the book:

Instruction Number 1: Keep out of reach of children.


Instruction Number 2: Sometime during the day, write one line about something that is worthy of remembrance. (Technically, you are supposed to write one line a day each day for five years. But five years is daunting, so I just focus on this year.)

It doesn’t need to be anything profound.

Just something that, among all the chaos, made you smile.



Or something that you would like to remember one day down the road.



Or just something that you enjoyed.


“But wait!” you say. “Couldn’t you keep track of these things in your super fancy baby book?”

And my response is: “WHAT BABY BOOK?”

In the meantime, I write (okay, scribble) about little moments of happiness in my One-Line-A-Day book. And, I find that when I do take time to remember things that made me happy during the day, I feel, well, happier. For a little while, anyway.

You should try it. Oh, and if you do, would you share one line with me? Because happiness is contagious.

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