Easy Homemade Biscotti

Biscotti is my favorite cookie to make around the holidays. The recipe is so easy (just one bowl needed!), and they are perfect for gifting to neighbors and friends. The one challenge to biscotti is working with the dough because it is very sticky … but here’s the simple solution: Just wet your hands with water before handling it!

The other thing to know about biscotti is that you bake it twice — first as two long (approx. 4 inches x 8 inches) rectangles, and then a second time after slicing into the individual pieces. The second baking is what gives biscotti is trademark crunch.

In this recipe I use dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and mini chocolate chips, but you can mix it up with other goodies! Whatever you use, these biscotti are perfect for dipping in coffee or tea, or enjoying with egg nog by the fire!

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