Salmon Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sauce

Easy Cilantro Lime Sauce

Have you made my cilantro-lime sauce yet? It really is the best sauce ever, and goes well with almost everything!


But don’t take my word for it ;)

This is what readers are saying:

  • I made this for fish tacos. It was so good that my family ended up using it has a dip for crackers and veggies. The next time I made extra so it would last more then just one day. Thank you so much for sharing such a yummy recipe. – Karina
  • I made this last night for chicken fajitas and OMG I want to bathe in it, it is THAT good!!!!! . . . I’m now addicted to this sauce. – Dawn
  • I have been craving fish tacos for awhile. I went to a local restaurant and was let down by the sauces. I saw this post in my email and tried it for dinner. It was great! Hit the spot. Now I’m thinking of how else to use this! 
Thank you! thank you! – Jen
  • OMG. Wonderful sauce! . . . Can’t wait, fish tacos for dinner tomorrow night. Tonight we had pork chops so I served it as a dipping sauce we loved it. – Mary
  • This was so delicious! . . . You are right – it is great on everything! I picked this as one of My Friday Favorites today. Thanks for sharing! – Maureen
  • I made the chalupas last night with the cilantro lime sauce. Huge hit! Now making the salmon tacos tonight since we loved the sauce so much. Thanks for the cooking help and ideas! – Monique
  • I added Siracha to this recipe, I can eat fish tacos with this sauce every day! – Camila
  • I feel so lucky to have found this recipe linking from another of your great eats ideas. I had company of 8 for breakfast but a tight budget with which to feed them. So, I whipped up some huevos rancheros, but I wanted them to be a little more than ordinary and this sauce really did the trick. Thanks so much! – Tom
  • I never tried fish tacos before so I looked for what to serve on them & this sounded good. I also added a little curry powder. Incredible! The best thing to eat this on is a SPOON! Love it as a dip for pretzels or chips. – Bonnie

Think you might give it a try? Hope so! We love it with ground beef or bison tacos; chicken tinga tacos; fish tacos; chalupas; crock-pot pulled pork; crock-pot pork verde; grilled fish, chicken or pork; and also as a dip for veggies!

I also love to toss it with shredded green cabbage for a lovely, crunchy slaw to serve with any of the above, as well as BBQ, burgers and dogs. And finally, it makes a great salad dressing if you need some extra greens in your life :)

Make-Ahead Tip: Make a large batch of sauce on Sunday and have it for the week. Use it up though: because of the fresh cilantro and lime juice, it doesn’t keep well for much longer.


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